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A vegetarian capsule containing 200 mcg of Selenium in the citrate form, for maximum bioavailability.

Selenium protects normal cell function by supporting the body’s natural defenses and scavenging harmful free radicals.* It is an antioxidant and a component of glutathione peroxidase, one of the body’s main antioxidant enzymes.*

Recommended for:

  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Liver support*
  • Detoxification support*
  • Thyroid support*
  • Joint comfort*
  • Fertility*
  • Mood balance*
  • Prostate health*
  • Skin health*
  • Keeping hair from graying*

Selenium Supports:

  • Reduction of free radicals formation*
  • Immune system function and aid in antibody production*
  • Cardiovascular function and protects low density lipoproteins from becoming oxidized*
  • Fat metabolism by balancing thyroid hormone*
  • The synthesis and metabolism of thyroid hormones*
  • The thyroid gland has higher concentrations of selenium than any other organ in the body.
  • Prostate health*
  • Fertility*
  • Supports mood balance*
  • Selenium is essential for proper fetal growth and development*
  • Production of prostaglandins, enzymes and hormones, to decrease platelet aggregation, detoxify unwanted substances and to strengthen the immune system*
  • Energy production in the mitochondria by preventing the formation of free radicals*
  • Elasticity of tissues*

Some heart and skin conditions are linked with low levels of selenium and glutathione peroxidase.* A deficiency of Selenium has been linked to heart dysfunction, fatigue, infertility, high cholesterol, increased susceptibility to infection and growth impairment.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.