COVID Delays

Multiple manufacturers we use are still playing catch up due to the uncertainty of the last year.  We are managing our inventory as best we can.  You may see products going in and out of stock as everyone gets back online to full capacity.  

Omega30 Update

We are currently in the process of updating our Omega30 formula.  We will be switching from the soft gel to a two-piece capsule.  The minimums for the soft gel capsules are very high and we are currently not able to meet those requirements.  We will still be utilizing the same great, high-quality Green Lipped Mussel raw material from New Zealand in this new capsule.  

We have sold though most of our pre-order inventory and will be receiving more product approximately 9/22 

Ocutein Update

Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue this formula in it's current form.  We have sourced a new fantastic product called Total Eye Support.  We feel this product is an advancement on the outgoing Ocutein product.  This product is available for immediate shipping.